Creating Backups

Creating backups is easy and simple. Backups includes Roles, Channels and Categories. To create a backup, use the following command;


Alternativly the following aliases;


This will create a custom zanox backup file, with the extension .zbu. Zanox does not currently host this file, meaning you will be responsible for the file. There are however plans to host these files in the feature. 

Loading Backups 

Loading backups will COMPLETELY clear your server. We are not responsible if you accidentally load a backup, or don't know what it does. To load a backup, send the backup file and the following command as the "Comment";


This will completely clear your server, and then recreate the channels from the backup. 

CommandCooldownPermissions RequiredDescription
z!backupNoneAdministratorCreating Backups
z!loadNoneOwnerLoading Backups